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Waste Management / January 21, 2018

Starting the week of April 3, single family homes in Airdrie will start receiving curbside recycling collection. Along with the addition of a blue cart program, changes to garbage collection will be implemented including a reduction to one bag per week of garbage.

Why were these decisions made?
Several factors were considered when contemplating the one bag initiative including:

Currently, Airdrie’s waste is hauled to the City of Calgary landfill for disposal. In February 2016, the City of Calgary implemented higher fees for any loads of waste that contain paper or cardboard. The next step which will occur in the fall of 2018, is an outright ban with financial penalties for loads containing paper and cardboard.

The City of Airdrie was granted an exemption from these increased fees to allow us time to put diversion programs in place, however, the exemption will be withdrawn in 2018. If the City achieves the goal of diverting banned material (paper and cardboard) from the waste stream, the City will realize a 65% savings on disposal waste fees.

The next items on Calgary’s Designated Materials list to remove from the waste stream is food and yard waste. The City of Airdrie’s Organics program already provides residents the opportunity to be in compliance with this ban. Again, higher waste disposal fees (65%) will be incurred should organic material be in loads brought to Calgary landfill. The ban on food and yard waste is expected to be in place by fall of 2019.

In order for the City of Airdrie to meet the requirements for the lowest available landfill rate, we must eliminate paper, cardboard and organics from our residential waste stream. The curbside recycling program together with the Eastside Recycle Depot provides an opportunity to remove virtually all recyclable material from our residential waste stream.