145 Wicks Road, North Ryde NSW 2113
1300 651 116

Open hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am – 3pm

Accepted waste type:

  • batteries (only vehicles batteries – lead acid batteries)
  • building materials
  • paint/oil (waste motor oil up to 20L per customer)
  • cardboard
  • e-waste
  • glass
  • garden waste
  • mattresses
  • metal
  • food waste
  • paper
  • plastic
  • white goods
  • wood
  • tyres
  • rubber

Customer Service

For information regarding opening and closing times, gate fees, acceptance criteria or other site-specific information, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 651 116.

Waste Charges & Services

Please review our Waste Charges and Services brochure for information on current waste charges, opening hours and waste acceptance criteria for SUEZ’s NSW Resource Recovery Centres. Ryde is now accepting TVs & computers free of charge. For more information and conditions of acceptance please view our E-Waste page.

All visitors to SUEZ facilities are required to wear enclosed footwear at all times. Visitors who arrive without appropriate footwear may be refused entry.

SUEZ’s Environment Report Hotline

SUEZ’s NSW Environment Report Hotline has been set up to receive feedback on environmental matters which are sometimes associated with recycling and waste management facilities – like odours, noise, dust and mud tracking. We’d like you to help us find out why this happens, and how we can fix it.

To provide feedback on any environmental matters you believe may be associated with one of our NSW facilities, please call 1800 ENV REP (1800 368 737). For enquiries related to pricing, acceptance criteria and opening hours, please call 1300 651 116.

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