Tuncurry Waste Management Centre offers public weighing for Vehicle Registrations. This is conducted after 1pm Monday to Friday.

The site also includes a Tip Shop. (currently closed Monday & Tuesday due to construction of Transfer Station)

A range of services are provided other than waste disposal:

  • Excess residential recyclable material can be taken to the landfill free of charge
  • Household quantities of chemicals
  • Tyres, batteries & scrap metal are recycled
  • All disposal fees include the waste levy payable to the NSW Government

Driveway attendants are bound by Council to charge the appropriate fee based on your load type. These disposal fees cannot be altered or varied in any way.

Materials Recovery Facility Tours

MRF (Material Recovery Facility) Tours are available, these tours offer residents the opportunity to view the sorting process of recyclable material from the viewing area in the new education room. A truly educational experience to the world of ‘Waste”.

Source: midcoastwaste.com.au