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York Region Waste Management Centre

Management Centre / February 5, 2017

Project Description:

The facility is a 90, 000 tonne per year Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and a waste transfer station. Miller designed and built the facility and is responsibility for the daily operation of the facility under a 15 year operating contract. The WMC is a single stream processing facility with all recyclables being collected loose in a single stream of recyclables and separated into the various marketable materials through a series of mechanical and manual stages. The small transfer station portion of the facility utilizes waste compactors to pack waste into transfer trailers for disposal in landfill. The material specifications include York Region’s current blue box containers and fibres, as well as additional polycoat/tetrapak containers and aerosol and paint cans. The Regions green bin organics are received at the Centre’s transfer station where it is processed for shipment to final processing facilities. The entire building process is kept within the building envelope with building air vented outside through an air dispersion system on the roof. The products generated are recovered material recyclables. Which are sold back to manufacturers for re-use or transformation to new products. The Region’s residual waste is processed in the transfer component of the facility for shipment to final disposal. The WMC is operated under a Municipal Material Recovery and Transfer – Design/Build/Operate contract. Miller has a long-term operating contract for 15 years renewable every 5 years. The facility is located in an industrial park well away from residents or institutions.