REEL offers waste management facilities to all bio-waste generation points like hospitals, clinics, blood banks, medical research centers, animal testing centers, 365 days a year making it very convenient and reliable for our clients to dispose their waste in an eco-friendly way.

REEL spread its presence through a process of setting up incineration facilities, collecting, transporting, treating and disposing the appropriate waste in its sanitary landfills. A research team of well qualified professionals constantly explore the possibility of expanding their horizons to emerging technologies.

Noteworthy features

  • First Biomedical Waste Management Facility in India in 2000
  • Manage about 200, 000 beds across India serving more than 8, 000 hospitals
  • Operating world class facilities and operations in partnership with Sembcorp, Singapore
  • Own & operate 15 fully compliant medical waste facilities, 125 waste collection vehicles
  • Provide medical waste disposal services to over 20, 000 Health Care Establishments in 14 cities in India