Canada is a country of immigrants. According to information from, the country hopes for emigrants as the future of its economy. Those who will work and develop the Canadian economy are expected there.

There are several economic emigration programs. Canada expects owners of sought-after specialties (of a doctor, a lumberjack, and a nurse) who speak English and/or French, without serious diseases and in active age. Such professionals are given permanent residence fairly quickly, and after 3 years of continuous residence in this status, they have the right to citizenship. By the way, entrepreneurs are also expected. They will have to create and maintain a working business.

Coming people are the most important resource for the country’s economy; the authorities are trying to plan it. Now the country is focused on receiving more than 300 thousand immigrants annually. Recently, the plan has been increasing by 10 thousand every year.

Most of the programs belong to the Express Entry system. It is a database in which everyone who wants to come to Canada can be added to the list. Candidates who have the right specialization and the highest rating are regularly selected for each program. Authorities invite them to submit papers for moving to Canada. Nota bene! The largest Canadian province, Quebec, has its own immigration rules and separate programs.

Strict medical examination for everyone is another important feature of attracting staff to Canada. Accordingly, the reason for refusal may be dangerous infectious diseases or the need for expensive medical care. And these are rare exceptions.