Coniferous wood species are the most popular. Moreover, this is due not only to the affordable cost and prevalence of wood, but also to the qualities of the material. Due to the saturation of resins, such wood is least susceptible to rotting and spoilage by microorganisms. It has sufficient strength and moisture resistance, which is why pine decking is so popular. In addition, modern types of processing can improve the performance of terraced products made of this wood.

characteristics of pine wood

Photo by Keith Misner on Unsplash

The main characteristics of pine wood:

  • high resistance to rot, which is very important for decking;
  • low thermal conductivity, so the material is often used in house construction and in the manufacture of various types of floor coverings;
  • pine lends itself well to processing;
  • wood has bactericidal properties, so the products are reliably insured against damage by various microorganisms;
  • pleasant aroma and a special microclimate in the room;
  • reasonable price, for example, as Madereria has.

Advantages and disadvantages

As for the pine decking, it is characterized by the following positive qualities:

  • Ecological purity of the material.
  • Resistance of the board to rot, mould and insect damage.
  • Special processing of the terrace flooring made of pine wood allows you to increase the moisture resistance of the product, make it resistant to sunlight and temperature jumps.
  • Due to the high density of wood, the board is reliably protected from deformation changes.
  • The material is very durable. The service life of the terrace covering made of this material is 25-50 years.
  • High aesthetic characteristics. The flooring will not lose its attractiveness throughout its service life.
terrace flooring made of pine wood

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The disadvantages of the material include its softness; therefore, an untreated and not adequately protected floor covering can quickly wear out, dents will form on it. However, modern technologies of processing of terrace boards allow to negate such undesirable qualities of the material.

Among all tree species that have needles, pine is in the greatest demand. At the same time, not only edged and uncut dried board is in demand, but also freshly sawn wood. In addition, the needles themselves have healing properties.