For Residential Rates, please choose city below:

Services Included in Rate:

  • New, color-coded carts for garbage, recyclables and yard waste collection
  • Your choice of (1) 64g or (1) 96g recyclables cart
  • Your choice of (1) 64g or (1) 96g yard waste cart
  • One (1) free on-call collection (see service description below) per calendar year
  • Curbside collection of used oil and oil filters
  • Curbside collection of holiday trees

Cart Colors: black for garbage, blue for recyclables, and green for yard waste.


New Customers: Please make your cart size selections. Otherwise, you will receive the cart sizes included in the default service of (1) 35g garbage cart, (1) 64g or (1) 96g recyclables cart and (1) 64g or (1) 96g yard waste cart.

Low Income Discount: Qualifying customers may receive a 15% discount on their bill. To qualify for this discount, customers must submit their power, water or telephone bills indicating that the resident qualifies for “life-line” rates from the utility provider on the basis of financial need. Customers are required to re-submit proof of eligibility every 12 months. Call (831) 385-5694 for more information.

On-Call Collection: Beginning November 1, 2010, each residential customer will receive one (1) free on-call collection service per calendar year. Please call (800) 321-8226 to schedule your on-call service on your next regular collection day. Then place the following accepted materials within three (3) feet of the curb, beside your regularly serviced carts:

  • Bulky Items (e.g., mattresses)—up to five (5) cubic yards
  • Universal Waste (except fluorescent tubes), electronics waste, and CED’s—up to one-half (0.5) cubic yards total. Please place in bags, boxes or containers. Click here for a list of Universal Waste.
  • Tires—up to two (2) car tires

The following items will not be collected:

  • Any single item that cannot be handled by two (2) people using a dolly
  • Hazardous waste, including anti-freeze
  • Concrete or Dirt
  • More than two (2) tires

Charges will apply if you exceed the limits set. If you need capacity that exceeds the on-call capacity limits set, please click here for temporary bin service in the Additional Services Page.

2016 Clean-up days

San Ardo. Friday, December 16

San Lucas.Friday, December 16

Watsonville .Tuesday, December 13

Waste Reduction Services

You can recycle plastic bags and plastic stretch and bubble wrap by placing materials in a single plastic bag, self-tie the bundle, and place it in your blue recyclable cart.
Do not use twist ties, rubber bands or tape.
Do not throw single plastic bags in cart.

As of November 1, 2010, you may place household AAA, AA, B, C, D and small button batteries in a clear sealed bag taped to the top of your blue recyclables cart for collection.

Used Motor Oil/Filter Recycling
Waste Management has implemented a convenient and environmentally safe program for the disposal of used oil and oil filters through its curbside collection program. You can dispose of up to four (4) gallons of used motor oil along with two (2) oil filters per week. Place the used oil in a screw-top container and set it out at the curb next to your blue recyclables cart. Place used oil filters in a heavyweight, sealed bag and place it on top of your blue recyclables cart. Waste Management will provide you with oil containers and oil filter bags at your request on your next service day. Upon collection, Waste Management will leave a replacement container and filter bag for your next use. For free oil containers and oil filter bags, please call (800) 321-8226.

Holiday Tree Collection
Holiday trees will be collected at the curbside on your regularly scheduled collection day beginning the day after Christmas through the end of January. Trees with flocking, tinsel, or tree stands will not be accepted for collection.

Home Composting
Discover the ease of composting and enrich your garden. Waste Management offers at-cost compost bins and provides composting instructions, hands-on demonstrations and troubleshooting tips.
Call (800) 321-8226 for more information.

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