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What Services Are Available?
The types of services available and the fees for services differ by customer type. To determine the services available, please find your customer type and follow the links provided.

Single-Family Residents are residents that receive service to one address and pay their own bill. This includes all single-family dwellings, town-homes, other multi-unit structures and some mobile home parks with individual billing, where each resident pays their own bill.

Multi-Family Residents are residents that receive service without receiving and paying their bill directly. This includes all town-homes, condominiums, apartment complexes, other multi-unit structures and some mobile home parks with centralized billing, where each resident does not pay their own bill.

Commercial Businesses are premises where business activity is conducted as the primary use on a residential property and the use is permitted under applicable zoning regulations. Residential properties with any business conducted as a secondary use are considered Single-Family Residential customers.

Drop Box Customers are customers who need a regularly scheduled permanent or on-call temporary drop box for large quantities of mixed or source separated materials including, but not limited to recyclable materials, construction and demolition debris and landscape debris.

How Much Do Services Cost?
The current rate sheets for Del Rey Oaks, July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 are available below.

Where Does It Go?
Recyclable Materials
are brought to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) in Marina where they are consolidated and transferred to the GreenWaste Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in San Jose for processing. Recyclable materials are sorted by material type, baled and shipped to market to be given new life.

Yard Trimmings from residents are delivered to the MRWMD in Marina where the materials are screened, chipped and composted. This process produces a high-quality soil amendment that has been certified by the Organics Materials Review Institute.

Food Scraps from commercial businesses are delivered to the MRWMD in Marina and are processed in the SmartFerm Anaerobic Digester to produce a biogas used to produce electricity which is sold to the neighboring waste water treatment plant. The digestate is then composted to produce a high-quality soil amendment.

Garbage is delivered to the MRWMD in Marina for disposal. All the non-recyclable residuals remaining after processing at the GreenWaste MRF and the non-compostable materials remaining after composting at the MRWMD are also sent to a landfill for disposal.

Construction & Demolition Debris is delivered to the MRWMD and sorted on a construction and demolition debris processing line where recyclable, compostable or recoverable materials are separated by material type. All non-recyclable, non-compostable and non-hazardous materials are transferred to the landfill for disposal.

Source: www.greenwaste.com