Today, our planet is suffering from environmental problems.  An ecological problem is a change in the natural environment, as a result (of anthropogenic influences or natural disasters), leading to a violation of the structure and functioning of nature.  The manifestation of environmental problems is possible in the form of temporary or permanent changes in the quality of air, water and soil as a result of human activities, which leads to impacts that can be both reversible and irreversible.  Therefore, it is now very important to carry out environmental programs.

Why do we need environmentally friendly programs?

The environmental program should contain a system of goals and objectives of environmental management for various levels of management and divisions of the enterprise.  For each goal, it is necessary to determine the criterion for its achievement, which would represent an environmental task for the relevant departments.

How to people in Norway interact with their environment

Norway is famous all over the world not only for its innovation, but also for its beauty and purity. It is one of the first countries where they began to seriously deal with the issue of ecology. Norway is a leader in environment. Back in 1972, the country created the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Also, this country is improving and developing ways to deal with various environmental problems, and the Ministry of Climate and Environment regularly publishes progress reports. They recently decided to phase out gas-fired indoor heating until 2020. At the same time, Norway is the largest producer of oil and natural gas. And in 1992, a new article 112 appeared in the Constitution. It says that every citizen has the right “to the environment that preserves health and to the protection of natural food products and their diversity.” The deforestation industry is also taken seriously in Norway. Companies are required to plant new trees in affected areas.

Therefore, it is now very important to deal with the environment and take an example from leading countries such as Norway.

Protect the environment!