It seems we hear or read about a large corporation being fined for illegal waste disposal or improper storage practices far too often. Keeping up with the myriad of local, state, and federal requirements is difficult. 3E® Waste Services offer valuable resources to assist in fulfilling hazardous waste compliance obligations and keep your company out of the media spotlight. If your company has several locations across the U.S., limited and/or decentralized EH&S staff or knowledge, 3E can provide a variety of viable solutions.

Waste Management

3E Waste Management services are provided on an as-needed basis or by establishing a regular schedule. 3E negotiates the best possible contract with a single pre-qualified hauler for pickups on pre-arranged dates. 3E coordinates the entire process, including the waste pickup, transportation, disposal at a designated TSDF and reports to appropriate federal or state agencies.

On an as-needed basis, customers are given step-by-step assistance with identifying and classifying their waste and proper temporary waste storage on-site. 3E tenders bids from pre-qualified contractors for each hazardous waste pickup. The bids are reviewed and the project awarded to the contractor based on capabilities and cost. 3E also scans and tracks waste disposal documentation forms such as manifests and bills of lading related to a customer’s project in 3E’s waste tracking database for reference and reporting purposes.

Waste Classification

3E’s Waste Classification service provides assistance with the identification and classification of items that may be regulated as hazardous waste at the Federal and State-specific level. 3E’s solution streamlines and takes the guesswork out of the process of identifying and classifying hazardous waste.

Once the hazardous waste items have been identified, processes can be put in place to help ensure the proper handling, storage and disposal of these materials. Based upon the customer’s chemical inventory, 3E provides waste classification data and information through a comprehensive review of the manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and a meticulous process of determining the appropriate Federal and State-specific waste codes and descriptions for a customer’s products should they become hazardous waste. To make this data actionable, 3E converts this information into client-specific codes or bucket indicators to provide employees proper and relevant guidance beyond the regulatory codes.

Multiple Delivery Methods

Waste classification data is delivered via our 3E Online and 3E Mobile platform for easy accessibility. Data files of classification information can be provided via web services for use directly into a customer’s corporate system. This enables the customer to reduce data management costs by providing a centralized repository for classification data to be shared with the entire enterprise. 3E maintains data by monitoring for changes to hazardous waste regulations or manufacturer supplied MSDS / SDSs and providing updates on an on-going basis.

Waste Classification data can also be used to evaluate disposal costs as well as the impact of using the chemical at a company’s facility and to identify alternative or less harmful products. This can also be used to ensure that hazardous wastes are being properly disposed of and not ending up in places where they do harm, such as public landfills or water streams.