Waste Management, Inc. has been the City’s franchise waste hauler for all residential and commercial refuse for over twenty years. With the most recent awarded franchise agreement effective June 1, 2011, all Manhattan Beach single and multi-family cart customers receive semi-automated carts and service. Sand Section residents may no longer use personal containers for refuse collection.

Single family residents pay based on the size and quantity of their gray trash carts; recycling and green waste continue to be no additional charge. Multi-family cart customers pay based on the number of dwelling units at the property.


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All single and multi-family residents utilize semi-automated carts in either 35 gallon, 64 gallon or 96 gallon sizes. All residential customers receive collection services once per week. The city is divided into five sections for residential collection from Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Carts may be set out for collection 10:00 AM the day before collection through 10:00 AM the day after collection. Carts should be kept on the residents’ property and out of public view when not placed for curbside collection. Additional or replacement trash, recycling, and green waste carts may be ordered by contacting Waste Management at (310) 830-7100.

Learn more about what you can put in your recycling containers. Items are most recyclable if they are dry and clean; no need to scrub jars and cans, but a quick rinse or swipe with a washrag is helpful. Some folks wonder if using water to give a jar a quick rinse before recycling offsets the good of recycling the material. Keep in mind that manufacturing virgin material relies on many resources such as water and that the process to recycle a material back into market is far less cumbersome on resources.

For information regarding these and other related programs, please call Waste Management’s Customer Service at (310) 830-7100. When you call Waste Management, the representative will provide their name and the work order/confirmation number associated with your request. Please record this information. It will be helpful should you need the status of your request at a later date.

Source: www.citymb.info