Each year the City of Agoura Hills participates with the County of Los Angeles Sanitation District’s annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program. The program’s goal is to collect and recycle all Christmas trees in Los Angeles County and preserve landfill space. Agoura Hills residents are encouraged to participate and have their Christmas trees collected and recycled.

Is there a cost?

The service is FREE of charge to all Agoura Hills residents and only requires your participation.

When does the program start?

Historically, the program begin on December 26th, and runs until the second or third week in January.

How do I participate?

Participation is easy and works within your normal refuse collection process. Simply place your tree inside your green waste cart on your regular refuse collection day during this period. Waste Management/GI Industries will collect and recycle all trees with the County of Los Angeles Sanitation District.

Are there special requirements?
Yes – All Christmas trees must be “cut in half” and have the following items removed prior to placing the tree in the green waste container for pickup:

– Water Containers
– Metal Stands
– Ornaments
– Tinsel

Yes. For multi-family complexes, the City sends an inviation letter to the property owner(s), property management companies and Home Owner Association seeking their participation in the program. There is a deposit required to cover the cost of a contaminated bin (bins that have trash and items other than Christmas trees inside them). When a bin becomes contaminated, the entire load is unfortunately disposed of as trash. Complexs that demonstrate consistent contaminated bins will not receive future bins.

How do I get my multi-family complex to participate?

Residents should contact their property management company representative or Home Owner Association Boards and encourage participation and arrange to have special bin to be delivered to the complex.

Are there special requirements for a multi-family complex?

Yes. The require are the same as above with regards to removing items from the trees. However as the bins delivered to multi-family complexes are larger (roll-off bins), there is no need cut the tree unless advised to. Also, residents will have to make sure they do not throw any other items inside the bins other than trees.


Source: www.ci.agoura-hills.ca.us