At Earthbound, we are passionate in the pursuit of diverting material from our local landfill. Very few items you regularly throw away should sit in a landfill for decades or possibly hundreds of years. Earthbound’s vision far exceeds the customers curbside; offering more than just organics recycling. Below is information on the various services Earthbound is excited to offer.

  • Curbside Hauling Services

    DID YOU KNOW THAT SAVING THE WORLD CAN BE EASY AND AFFORDABLE? Earthbound offers a number of dynamic services including the area’s newest, most exciting service of curbside organics recycling.Signing up for Earthbound is easy!Click the “Get Started” form to the right and tell us a little more informationSimply decide if you want us to collect only your organics or if you want to add…

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  • Composting Sales

    Once collected from your curbside, your organic material is diverted from the landfill and taken to Earthbound’s compost facility where it is processed and turned into compost. This compost is then available for use right here at home in the Chippewa Valley! We are passionate about giving the finished compost back to our subscribers and are working hard to make this happen for those…

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  • Countertop Organics Recycling

    Organics Recycling…As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 Collect all of your organic material throughout your home within your Earthbound Compostable Bag. When your Earthbound bag is full, take the bag out to your curbside receptacle along with your other garbage. On your pick up day, wheel your receptacle to your curb along with your recycling receptacle. Pat yourself on the back, changing the world has…

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  • Yard Waste Disposal

    Got yard waste? Earthbound is here for you! Not only do we offer 2x/year pick up of bulk yard waste, we are pleased to offer the option of disposing of your yard waste materials EVERY WEEK! That’s right, we’ll collect this material weekly with your regular pick-up*. * Yard waste bags in your curbside receptacle are no extra cost, with a minial fee for bags outside your receptacle…

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