Garbage and Recycling Collection in Lake Oswego

Republic Services is the City of Lake Oswego’s waste hauler. To set up service, please call 503-636-3011. Cart sizes range from 20 gallons, to 35 gallons, to 65 gallons, to 90 gallons.

What goes into my garbage cart?

In Lake Oswego, we can recycle or compost many items that you may have previously thrown away in other cities, counties or states. The same rules apply to single family and multifamily residences. Items that must be throw away, and never recycled or composted include:

  • Frozen food containers
  • Glassware, ceramics, incandescent light bulbs (not CFLs or LEDs)
  • Plastic film or bags (though you may recycle these at area supermarkets)
  • To-go cups and containers (paper, plastic cups, clam shells, though you can recycle these at New Seasons)
  • Foam, carpet, fabric, “compostable” dishware, pet waste, and diapers

If you live in a multifamily residence (apartment, condo, townhouse) where curbside composting is not available to you, all food waste can also go into your garbage along with food soiled paper and pizza boxes. Once paper products have become food soiled, they are NOT recyclable.

Recycling Collection:

Lake Oswego offers “comingled” recycling, meaning that everything that can be recycled goes into the same container, with the exception of glass. It is very important that trash not end up in the recycling as it will contaminate the entire load. Remember: when in doubt, leave it out.

What goes into my recycling cart?

The following can go into your blue recycling cart, or recycling dumpster if you live a multifamily residence:

  • Plastic bottles, jugs, buckets and tubs larger than 6 ounces. Lids must be removed.
  • Mixed paper and cardboard
  • Metal

Hard plastics such as plastic furniture is not recyclable.

Yard Debris and Food Waste Collection:

In Lake Oswego, we offer curbside compost collection. This means that you can include all your food waste in your green yard debris cart. Currently, this is only offered to single family residences. A countertop collection pail has been provided to you to collect food scraps. Instead of scraping food waste into the garbage or garbage disposal, scrape it into your pail and empty the pail into your green cart for weekly pickup. Coffee grounds, peppermint oil, and baking soda will all help reduce odors, as will emptying the pail frequently.

What goes into my green cart?

All of the following can go into your green cart:

  • All yard debris
  • All food waste, including meat, bones, and dairy products
  • Coffee grounds
  • Tea bags
  • Food-soiled paper
  • Pizza boxes

We do not accept so-called “compostable” products such as green compostable bags, cups, plates or cutlery. These must go into your trash. You may line your compost pail with brown bags or newspaper.

Rates for service, approved by the City Council, can be found in the attachment at the bottom of this page. Garbage and recycling services provided by Republic Services are governed through an exclusive Franchise Agreement between the City and the company.

Recycling and Reuse

Use Metro’s Find a Recycler web site to find where to recycle items not accepted in the curbside recycling program and organizations that take materials for reuse. If you have a specific question about recycling, hazardous waste disposal or waste prevention you can use this link to email a Metro recycling expert or call Metro at 503-234-3000.

Far West Fibers in Lake Oswego (341 Foothills Road) takes many materials for recycling; check materials accepted through Metro Recycling or call Far West Fibers directly at 503-200-5411.

Hazardous and Bulky Waste Disposal

Paint, motor oil, batteries, CFL or LED lightbulbs, prescription medications, needles, and many other products are considered to be household hazardous waste. These products must be taken to the Metro South Transfer Station at 2001 Washington Street, Oregon City.

Paint can also be taken to the Miller Paint store at 544 N. State Street or Sherwin Williams at 15659 Boones Ferry Road.