Progressive Waste Solutions offers residential garbage service in Maple Ridge, with a new collection method using rolling carts that make it easy for you, as our valued customer, to get your garbage to the curb for us to service. We can also collect conventional containers and bags. Our garbage service in Maple Ridge offers an organics and yard waste collection option, to comply with the Metro Vancouver ban on organics in 2015, and our collection days match those of your City recycling collection crews to ensure you do not have two different collection days each week.

Additionally, do you have nontraditional recyclables that do not fit in your Ridge Meadows Recycling Program? Our partner company, Terracycle Canada, provides our customers with the ability to recycle much more of your everyday items, from cigarette butts to coffee capsules to drink pouches, to further reduce your waste volumes and costs to dispose of your garbage. Click on the link below to get more information about our service offerings with our partner company, Terracycle Canada. Also, be sure to check out their free categories when you become a customer of Progressive Waste Solutions.

Call us today to get a quote on our Maple Ridge residential garbage and organics service offerings today. When you call us ask us about our cart program and discount for signing up today.