Borough Curbside Recycling

Please note the Borough’s Curbside Recycling is the second Thursday of each month

Collection includes:
Aluminum Cans
Glass-Clear, Green, and Brown
Plastics- #1 and #2

Recyclables must be washed and separated, placed in plastic bags and tied shut.

Recycling should be placed curbside prior to 7:00 AM the day of recycling.



Jan 12th Feb 9th March 9th April 13th May 11th June 8th
July 13th August 10th Sept 14th Oct 12th Nov 9th Dec 14th



As of January 24th, 2013 Pennsylvania law has impacted how you can manage certain electronic devices. Under Act 108 electronic devices, televisions, computer monitors, computer peripherals (anything that is connected to a computer) can no longer be disposed of in a Pennsylvania landfill or other solid waste disposal facility. The new law requires residents to manage these devices by recycling them.

  • Best Buy is accepting many of these types of items at no cost to the resident. Some restrictions apply so please call 570-372-2639 if you have any questions.
  • Goodwill Donation Center in Shamokin Dam is also accepting Computer and related items. They do not accept televisions. Call Goodwill at 570-743-0041 with questions.
  • The Sunbury Transfer Station is currently accepting electronics for recycling. The Recycling Drop-off Center is located near 462 South 4th Street in Sunbury (at the end of South4th Street on Fawn Lane). You may contact the Transfer Station/Recycling Center at 570-286-9925. They are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7:30 am – 3:00 pm.
  • UNICOR at the Lewisburg Federal Prison is also an option for recycling electronics. The Electronics Recycling Facility is located at 2400 Robert Miller Drive in Lewisburg. Please call 570-522-7604 to make arrangements to drop off your electronics.
  • If you have gently used computers, monitors, keyboards and cables consider donating them to an organization like MeGive 570-524-6894. MeGive’s goal is to redeploy and recycle computers and other tech gear to families, businesses and non-profits in Central Pennsylvania who are in need.


  • Spiral Bulbs are recyclable at Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse of Selinsgrove.
  • For a fee Dauphin Electric in Lewisburg will recycle florescent tubes.
  • Check with the retailer where you purchased the bulb to see if they have a recycling program.
  • Mailing options are available for larger quantities of bulbs.


  • Snyder County Recycling Coordinator accepts some mercury containg devises at 713 Bridge Street in Selinsgrove. Call 570-374-6889 Ext. 115 to make arrangements to drop off your item.


  • Latex paint can be made solid and put in the regular trash. Either leave the lid off (well ventilated area) the can until it is dried or add a clay based kitty litter or other paint additive. When the latex paint is solid remove the lid and put in your regular trash. For directions on disposing of oil based paints call the Snyder County Recycling Coordinator at 570-374-6889 Ext. 115.


  • Lowe’s Garden Centers accpts plastic nursery plant trays, pots, and tags.


  • Plastic bags are recyclable at many retail stores like Weis, Giant, Wal-Mart and Target.
  • Weis Markets will also accept additional plastic bags, films and plastic wraps (i.e. the plastic from paper towel rolls, cases of water and produce bags). Check with the store where you recycle your bags to see if they accept the additional types of plastic bags and wrappers. All plastic must be clean, dry and free from all contaminates. If in doubt put your bags or plastic wrap in the trash.


  • Rechargeable batteries can be recycled at Lowes, Target, Staples, and Best Buy.


  • #6 Polystyrene is accepted at the Dauphin County Recycling Center at 1620 S 19th Street, Harrisburg 17104 717-982-6772
  • Shipping peanuts – Take to a shipping store (ie Ship Zone) or check with your local post office to find someone who eBay’s.


  • Check with your local garage or drop at Mahantango Enterprises 717-444-3788. Mahantango accepts tires from residents for a fee.


  • Used motor oil is accepted by many area garages. The oil is either collected for recycling by a water oil recycler or used in a waste oil burner. Please do not mix your motor oil with anything else. Use a bottle or jug (juice container or laundry detergent jug) that can be sealed to prevent a spill during transport.


  • Penn Township has a yard waste/composting site at the end of Gaugler Lane. Penn Township’s site is open to all residents as long as the site is not used as a dumping ground for unacceptabel items. The site is open from dawn to dusk 7 days a week.
  • Shaffer Landscaping in Middleburg also accepts yard waste from area residents.


Unwanted prescription medicine and over the counter medicine can be disposed of at the following locations:

  • Middleburg Police Department 570-837-0321 Monday-Friday 8-4
  • Selinsgrove Police Department 570-374-8655 Monday-Friday 8-4
  • Shamokin Dam Police Department 570-743-2671 Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 other times call for appointment.
  • Snyder County Sheriff’s Office 570-837-3311 Monday-Friday 8-4 Tuesday & Thursday 7pm-9pm
  • There are a few restrictions. No ointments; No needles or sharps; No aerosols;Check with site with regard to liquids. NEVER LEAVE MEDICINES OUTSIDE THE SECURE COLLECTION CONTAINER!