The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is pleased to present a free online training course to assist businesses in meeting the initial and annual training requirements for hazardous waste generators under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). It is designed as a general overview of the regulatory requirements for handling hazardous waste and is targeted to hazardous waste handlers, managers and supervisors responsible for knowing the law and to assist them in complying with it.

If you score 80% or more correct on the final course assessment, you have satisfactorily completed the course and you may print a certificate. Your facility RCRA Compliance Manager should validate the certificate by signing it and then placing it on file at your facility.

The course IS NOT intended to satisfy all of your RCRA hazardous waste training requirements. Additional training, including on-the-job training, with specific information about the actual chemical waste, handling equipment and procedures, emergency procedures, employee job duties, and other circumstances specific to the individual facility should also be completed. You should contact your supervisor, site safety compliance manager or site environmental manager to determine what additional training you will need to ensure that you handle your hazardous waste in compliance with all safety and legal requirements.

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