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$25 for a truck bed of sod. Open weekends. Easy access for north & northeast Portland. You can pick up yard materials here too.

$30 to drop off a small pickup of tree branches? I would have left if I hadnt made the trek so far. What a joke. I’ll not be returning at that obnoxious price point. Mcfarlanes for me.

From the Wood Waste Management (now called Northwest Compost Products) website for their Garden Mulch Compost: “This product is screened through a 5/8th inch mesh to create a black, free flowing compost product.” ( Third paragraph, second sentence.) What complete and utter bullshit. When we got home with our Garden Mulch Compost, we noticed huge chunks of wood throughout. One stick was roughly 10″ long. Perfect for playing fetch with my dog, awful for my garden seedlings. My husband called them to ask if we’d purchased the wrong product accidentally, and was told by the clueless person who answered the phone that she didn’t know anything about the product and denied the 5/8 inch mesh information was on their website-she even went so far as to suggest we were looking at the wrong website. (Since my husband used the phone number on the Northwest Compost Products’ website to find the phone number, clearly we were looking at the correct site.) Sure, the truck load of “mulch” we just got was cheap ($18), but now my husband and I have to build our own screen and screen that cheap truckload of mulch into our garden beds. Welcome to my Black List, Wood Waste Management/Northwest Compost Products. Terrible product, abysmal customer service.

No! $25 to drop off my pick up full of tree trimmings? I like to think we are partners in recycling and that for a small(er) fee I could donate my green refuse and then you smartly turn around and sell it in the form of compost or bark chips. I think your prices for the forementioned products is rather high and I will give my business to Mt. Scott Fuel or MacFaranes. I live nearby and am bummed that you guys are gouging your neighbors in both directions.

Wood Waste is fantastic – I get truckloads of mulch there every year and love the sliver-free hemlock they offer that looks great in my garden. They also offer compost and soil by the half and full cubic yard – just bring your truck (or rent a Ziptruck) and they’ll dump it in, or for $50 they’ll deliver as much as you want. They also have river rock and other goodies, plus of course they’re great for recycling wood waste as well. Very nice staff as well – always friendly and super responsive.

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