Weekly residential service consists of:

1 – 96 gallon trash cart and 4 trash bags or 2 – 32 gallon personal containers

Additional trash carts are available for weekly service for an additional monthly fee.

One bundle of branches or cardboard boxes (3 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter) is equal to one bag of your weekly limit.

Cardboard boxes filled with trash are not acceptable.

Please set all carts out at curbside by 6:00am. Better yet, how about the night before?

Carts should be placed at curbside with the lid opening towards the street and side by side at least 3 feet apart. Clearance should be 3 feet in each direction away from parked cars or free standing objects.

Maximum Weight Limit

96 gallon Trash Cart: 250 lbs
Personal Containers / Trash Bags: 35 lbs.

To avoid having an overweight cart, or causing possible damage to the cart or truck, do not place rocks, concrete, brick or dirt in carts. All trash inside must fall out when the cart is serviced. Please DO NOT overfill carts or compact waste into the cart. To minimize excess trash blowing in your neighborhood, please place cart out for collection with the lid completely closed.

If the cart is overweight, the driver will attempt to service it and notify the resident by leaving an Important Notice tag attached to the cart. If, however, we are unable to empty the cart, the cart will be tagged overweight and the resident will need to lighten the contents for the following week’s service.

Resident Responsible for Cart

Each resident is responsible for the cleaning and security of the trash and recycling carts. If carts are damaged or destroyed, other than by normal usage, please contact the Customer Service Center to place an order for replacement. As a courtesy to your neighbor, please promptly remove carts after service.

Prohibited Waste

Do not place the following hazardous waste in your cart: paint, oil, automotive batteries, tires, hot ashes, hazardous waste, E-waste, infectious waste and dead animals (weighing more than 10 lbs). If these materials are found in the cart, it will be tagged and not serviced.


Source: www.wm.com