As a stakeholder in the circular economy, Veolia makes materials recovery and recycling one of its priorities. The more similar waste is in terms of quality, the easier it is to recycle, because more homogenous waste yields results closer to the original raw materials.
For this reason, Veolia has developed innovative technical solutions to make it easier to identify, separate and prepare the materials in waste, and increase recycling and recovery rates.

High-performance sorting
Veolia develops high-performance sorting centers for non-hazardous industrial waste and recycling that guarantee recovery rates above 50%. Developed by Veolia, the patented Sequential Adaptive Loop Technology (SALTO), fully deployed at many sites, increases sorting line productivity and performance.
In this way, it is possible to produce high-quality secondary raw materials that comply with businesses’ industrial and economic requirements.
Remote-controlled sorting
Veolia’s latest innovation ready for roll-out is a remote-controlled sorting process that refines the materials sorting process even further, making it possible to achieve recovery rates in excess of 95%.
The remote-controlled sorting system is installed downstream from the main sorting line. After separation, the material is continuously filmed on the refining conveyor and an operator uses a touchscreen to monitor the quality of the waste stream and simply eject any unwanted material, which is then directed to a different stream.
Material purity
Veolia has developed a unique process that recognizes and extracts all plastics from dismantled waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). It produces secondary raw materials with a purity level above 99%.
Using this major innovation, Veolia enables its industrial customers to develop closed-loop materials recycling.