Staff members are customers, too

The changing landscape of public employment over the last five years has demanded new and creative approaches to a wide spectrum of aspects related to employment and benefits. From the application process to final employment, Genesee County schools have implemented multiple centralized and uniform processes that help make hiring and staffing easier to manage and more cost-effective. One example is benefit plan documents for IRS compliance. GISD was able to respond to new regulations in a holistic approach that avoided duplicative costs for each district.

All of the components of an effective Human Resource operation at GISD are the result of a commitment to the Win-Win philosophy, and a culture of shared problem solving.

Available services

Services available to local units of government include:

  • Countywide application system and pre-employment testing
  • Employee fingerprinting and criminal records checks
  • Web-based employee information system
  • Paperless HR operations consultation
  • Staff policy and employee evaluation systems development
  • Benefits management
  • Waste management cooperative
  • Operations and systems management

Contact us

Contact GISD’s Human Resources and Operations department at (810) 591-4432 to learn more about Shared Human Resources and Operations, or to request a quote for services.

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