Open Qualifying contestants MUST use equipment which conforms to the Condition of Competition for Groove Specifications as implemented in the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour and Tour Local Rules and Conditions of Competition (Hard Card). This condition shall NOT apply to Pre-Qualifying. The complete specifications for grooves in elite competitions along with a public database listing conformity of many clubs can be found at (click on Equipment > Conforming Lists > Informational Club Database) or by contacting the USGA Equipment Standards Department at (908) 234-2300. Players should confirm that their equipment conforms to the new specifications well in advance of the competition and should be aware that conforming equipment must be used in Open Qualifying, even if a player is successful in pre-qualifying with non-conforming grooves.

If, before or during the competition, a player has doubt as to the conformity of a club, PGA Section officials will attempt to determine the status of the club(s), but play will not be delayed in doing so. There will be no on-site field testing for groove conformity at Open Qualifying. In the event conformity is still in question and this affects which players advance through the qualifying, the club(s) will be taken to the tournament site for testing. Should the player be disqualified as a result of the test, the Open Qualifying spot(s) will be replaced by the next player(s) on the PGA TOUR alternate list.