As one of North America’s leading recyclers, you can rely on Waste Management for a full spectrum of proven recycling solutions – from everyday materials like paper and plastic, to more complex items such as electronics, fluorescent bulbs and medical sharps. We can find markets for your unused or scrap paper products, metal, glass and plastic, giving you the opportunity to recoup added value from your recyclables.

Single-Stream Recycling

In many areas, schools and districts can incorporate single-stream recycling programs that allow students and staff to toss paper, plastic, aluminum and more into the same collection container – no sorting required. We’ll work with you to customize engaging educational programs that encourage participation throughout your school or district.

Electronics Recycling

Waste Management helps turn your high-tech waste green. We can handle the logistics, transportation and recycling of your obsolete computers, peripherals, phones, monitors and more. Once the process is complete, you’ll receive a Certificate of Recycling, verifying the destruction of all sensitive information. We also offer convenient postage-paid mail-back kits for small electronics such as cell phones.

Ink and Toner Recycling

We offer a free printer cartridge collection and recycling program, including pre-paid shipping to the remanufacturer. Simply order free collection boxes by going to the website and clicking on the products menu, then the cartridge recycling option. We also provide a discount on the purchase of remanufactured cartridges through Use the promotional code “WMSAVING” upon checkout to receive an additional 5% off the purchase of ink and toner.

Food and Organics Recycling

Recycling cafeteria waste can help reduce your solid waste collection costs and increase your diversion rate throughout the school year. Collected organic materials can be repurposed for use as soil amendments and more.

Universal Waste Recycling

Waste Management works with you to create compliant, cost-effective solutions for recycling universal waste in your school or district. Items such as fluorescent tubes, ballasts, batteries, and mercury-containing bulbs require special handling. We offer a variety of postage-paid recycling kits that can help keep you safe and compliant.

Medical Sharps Recycling

Protect your students and staff from the dangers of loose medical sharps. As your partner, Waste Management can provide an entire suite of medical waste disposal options, including sharps collection containers and mail-back kits that comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Construction Debris Recycling

Before you renovate or expand your facilities, be sure to make Waste Management part of the plan. We can recycle most common C&D materials, including concrete, porcelain, tile, lumber, metals, masonry, rock, carpet, insulation and rigid plastics. Working closely with your district or school, our experts can also guide you to greener material choices prior to construction.