Please note: It is a recommendation (not requirement) for residents to remove food from the waste. All liquids (example: milk, juice, water, etc.) should be dumped out of containers before they are thrown away.

Providing for solid waste disposal needs of a modern society is a difficult task. Harrisonburg is leading the efforts with an “all in one” system for waste and recycling collection. This program does not apply to apartment complexes and businesses with private trash haulers not affiliated with the City’s refuse collection service.

What is Single Stream Collection and how does this new program work?

Those who currently receive the city’s curbside refuse and recycling collection services will have an easier way to get rid of their household waste and recycling. Single stream collection will accept waste and recyclables in the same container. One benefit of this new program is that everyone in Harrisonburg will now recycle! Residents will no longer have to think about or research which plastics are collected or even how to carry two separate containers to the curb.


Businesses, who have city or private trash collection, are still encouraged to recycle the below mentioned items separately and the city will continue to collect from those businesses. Continue setting out the below mentioned recyclable materials as no changes to this program will take place for businesses with regard to these items.

Contact the Public Works Department at 540-434-5928 to schedule frequent pick up.


  • Break down and stack the cardboard
  • Do not place cardboard in a recycling bin with other recyclables

Office Paper:

  • White, colored, sticky notes, envelopes, and large mailing envelopes are all accepted
  • Construction paper is NOT accepted
  • Sort office paper from other materials