Nowadays, LED Strip Lights 32.8 ft are very popular.  And now we will analyze what it is, what are the main advantages and where they can be used.

LED strip is used in various fields of activity.  It is used by designers and ordinary consumers.  The advantages of LED strip include affordable price, ease of installation and high reliability.

LED strip is much more reliable than many other light sources.  Thanks to the use of LEDs in it, the following is achieved:

  • Long service life. If you follow all the requirements for installation and operating conditions, the tape can last about 50,000 hours.  This equates to approximately 8 years of continuous work.  During this period, the glow intensity does not decrease by more than 50 percent.  A belt running 8 hours daily will not require replacement for approximately 20 years.
  • Minimal energy consumption and almost 90% savings on electricity bills.
  • Safety of use and installation. The tape requires a low voltage to operate, which is not dangerous to life and does not create the risk of electric shock.  During operation, it does not heat up to high temperatures, so it is impossible to get burned on it.

Also, the advantages of using the strips include:

  • Wide range of products. The ribbons are produced in various configurations, they can differ in their brightness and are presented in all kinds of color shades.
  • Ability to control lighting. A person will be able to independently change the brightness level, source color, adjust the required mode and apply the tape for the whole screen or color music.
  • The tape can be installed where it is impossible to mount other lighting fixtures.

This product can be used in many places.  However, it will be especially important for office owners.  There you can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere with this decoration.  It will also add style to your workspace. In office rooms such tapes are especially popular.

Treat yourself to beautiful light now!