How does digitalization begin in a company? Often with electronic document management in accounting, and only then automation extends to other departments.

What is digital accounting?

Digital accounting is a set of software products that automate financial processes:

  • approval and payment of invoices;
  • reflection of operations, transactions, formation of registers;
  • preparation of advance reports;
  • exchange with counterparties;
  • reporting to regulatory authorities and others.
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Each company has its own idea about how many IT solutions and tools for automating accounting processes should be. There are services like Logidrive that will help you to digitalize accounting, as well as help optimize business management.

How to automate accounting

  1. You should have electronic accounting

Already today, many documents are allowed to be created, sent and stored digitally. Therefore, it is better to switch to electronic accounting and, if possible, not duplicate documents on paper.

Ideally, if the company automates internal document flow first of all. And not only accounting, but also, for example, personnel. Applications for employment, employment contracts, orders, etc. can be translated into numbers.

  1. Automate routine operations

In the accounting department of any company there are jobs that are repeated from day to day. As a rule, they take a lot of time and require close attention. However, no matter how carefully these operations are performed, no one is immune from mistakes.

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To prevent the routine from bothering you anymore, you need to automate it. For this purpose, a number of electronic document management systems provide functionality that minimizes human participation in standard procedures.

  1. Digitalize accounting with artificial intelligence

You can automate some routine operations by implementing specialized IT solutions, or go even further and use artificial intelligence (AI). For example, entrust AI with processing incoming documents.

There are much more tips on switching to digital accounting than presented. It is recommended to approach this task comprehensively and not to focus on one software product. Moreover, the OT market offers a lot of options on how to automate popular processes and reduce the burden on specialists, so you will definitely find something that will work for you.

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