The security industry in Australia operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Consequently, anyone can find a job according to their preferences regarding the work schedule and place of work. However, there is one important condition: it is necessary to be a qualified licensed specialist. Multisec Training can help you to become a licensed security guard.

What is the job in security?

Security job is not only the protection of property, there is an abundance of all kinds of positions. The work is diverse. Today, security guard can patrol a sporting event, tomorrow — a court hearing.

In Melbourne, for example, with its famous entertainment venues, race tracks, tennis courts and football fields, international events are regularly organized. Their providers agree on cooperation with security companies. There is always a job is security sphere.

security guard walking down the station

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Australian security guards have the opportunity to receive a high salary and choose a convenient work schedule. The security industry is usually associated with strong guys, but increasingly the positions of security guards are occupied by people of various sizes, age and gender.  Jobs in the security sector are increasing in direct proportion to the growth of crime and violence in society.

The guards must be of legal age, they need to undergo a training course, followed by taking fingerprint samples and checking for criminal records. After completing the training course, they get licenses.


guard in security jacket

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Men make 86% of the total number of employees. For example, it is more comfortable for them to work in night patrols. The demand for women is due to the fact that they are more observant, attentive to details and have communication skills.

The main part of security work is more related to customer service: it is required to help other people, settle problems, conflict situations and monitor property in large corporate buildings.

The security officer, if desired, has the opportunity to specialize further, expand skills or perform the same job without changing the employer. Over time, the work becomes more and more interesting. Remember, the main thing in this work is the level of customer service and the ability to establish contact with people.

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