In times of crisis, employers should not cut the budget for employee training. Both managers and ordinary employees should invest in their development. In the world, the number of trainings and courses attended per capita has grown to two or three programs per year.

Learning for fun

What is a career system? It’s like the levels in the game: to move on, you need to constantly “pump up” the character. Therefore, ambitious employees continue to study: they take advanced training courses, seminars on the development of general skills and narrow-profile trainings. But something in the market of additional education is not being taught yet, something is not being taught well enough. And then the question arises: can a company take employee training into its own hands and develop courses on its own?

Image by Unsplash+

Image by Unsplash+

If the company has the funds, then it can do this, it will be especially effective if you make these courses remote. But now there are many educational platforms for any field of activity. For example, Ludus Global. It is a virtual reality platform for corporate training on occupational safety and health. By its nature, the platform offers companies exciting, realistic courses, adaptable to the needs of industrial companies.

Why invest in people

Even business gurus, who constantly talk about digital transformation and automation of business processes, believe that people do business and you need to invest not only in software, big data and robots, but in those who will work with all this. However, simply spending more on training is not enough. Just digitalization can be used for learning purposes.

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Advantages of online courses

  • They can help employees learn new skills faster and more efficiently.
  • They can be used to train employees in multiple locations at the same time, which can save companies time and money.
  • This allows employees to study at a pace convenient for them and repeat sections as needed.

Distance learning in the modern world will be much more efficient and cost-effective for the company.