Any organization, even household has secrets. Still, not everyone understands what financial losses their disclosure can result in. Old contracts, letters, plans and budgets, payment statements, statistical and analytical reports, other documents are sent to the trash, from where anyone can get them and read them and use them as they please. Traditionally, people pay much attention to the issues of data protection and information security.

Government and commercial information must be protected from partial or complete loss, manipulation and access by outsiders. These goals are reflected in the laws on trade secrets. The best way to keep a secret is to destroy it. Document destroyer, or as they are also called paper shredders, serve to protect important information from unauthorized access, as well as the convenience of disposal.

paper shredders

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The destruction of documents is carried out by their mechanical shredding. A huge variety of document shredders allows you to destroy information on almost any medium: paper, cardboard, plastic cards, floppy disks, CDs, audio cassettes, microfilms. A wide range of shredders is represented by personal, office, bank and archive shredders. Despite the deceptive simplicity of the device, there are a few different types of shredders. The division into classes is carried out on the basis of such factors as: the type of cutting, the level of secrecy of the paper shredder, the maximum thickness of the material, the noise generated, etc.

When planning the purchase of a shredder, it is necessary to determine its main parameters:

  1. The degree of secrecy – how confidential the destroyed documents are. Whether a shredder providing a high degree of secrecy is required for their disposal.
  2. Volume and productivity: whether the volume of documents destroyed simultaneously is large.
  3. Number of users – if you plan that a new shredder will serve each employee, a group of employees or the entire office.
  4. Document materials: on which media the destroyed information is contained (paper, cardboard, floppy disks, disks, etc.)
purchase of a shredder

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If you have already decided on the parameters and are ready to start buying or it is difficult for you to choose, contact the independent dealer of paper shredders. Professionals will help you choose the right device.

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