Laminate care tips should not be underestimated: clean and undamaged flooring decorates the interior, and proper handling significantly prolongs its service life. Find more info here.

How To Take Care Of Laminate At Home

In order not to damage the floor surface, it is important to know which types of cleaning are safe. There are two types of cleaning: dry and wet. It is dry cleaning that is recommended for household-type laminate, since the material of this class is quite sensitive to moisture, it is better to simply sweep or vacuum it. And here are some cleaning tips.

  • To get rid of grains of sand and dirt, as well as small specks, it is recommended to use a mop with soft bristles.
  • To prevent the abrasive sand from scratching the surface, you need to sweep the floor as soon as dirt appears.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a gentle nozzle is suitable for dust removal.
  • After dry cleaning, the laminate is washed with water, but experts recommend doing this only once a week. The exception is moisture–resistant panels, which can be washed more often.
  • There is an opinion not to sweep a smooth floor at all, especially if it is laminate, because it is possible to scratch the surface of the coating. However, if you need to quickly restore order, then the best from dust mop for laminate floor is a high handle, and the scoop should also be with a high handle – it is very convenient and you do not need to crawl on the floor.

Laminate care is a fairly simple task. If all the recommendations are followed, it is possible not only to increase the service life of the laminated coating, but also to preserve its pattern and shine.