Electronics has firmly entered our lives at the household and production level. Today it is difficult to imagine any house or apartment without modern electronic devices that make our life easier. In production, electronics has firmly entered in the form of control systems of various degrees of automation.

An important detail in electronics

PCB prototypes are the basis of any electronic product, being part of computers, cell phones and military equipment. Appearing more than 100 years ago, this small device marked a huge leap in the development of electronic equipment.

A single-sided printed circuit board is a plate on one side of which there are printed conductors. In double-sided printed circuit boards, the conductors also occupied the backside of this plate.

“Printed” innovations

For most people, a printed circuit board is just a rigid platter. Indeed, rigid boards are the most massive product used in radio electronics, but flexible printed circuit boards are also very popular today.

So, one of the advantages of flexible printed circuit boards is the ability to give them various shapes of objects in which they can be placed. Flexible boards are made from polyimide materials, so their “substrate” is in a highly elastic state. As a result, the internal volume of products is significantly saved.

Alumina technology

Printed circuit boards and modules made using alumina technology provide faster heat dissipation compared to similar products made on the basis of “classic” technology, which increases reliability and service life.