Ending a relationship is hard. And if you are already married — especially: after all, you have invested so much in living together, and divorce always brings difficulties. How to understand when it’s worth trying to save a marriage, and when it’s better to break up?

Is divorce good or bad?

This is neither bad nor good. Divorce is preceded by a violation of the family system, in which it becomes unbearable for all its members to exist. Divorce is one of the ways to resolve the current situation, in some cases — the only one.

Divorce is always associated with difficult experiences of loss, changes, and the search for new forms of existence for all family members. Therefore, in order to reduce this moment of tension, everyone is wondering what is the quickest divorce.

When exactly you need to get divorced

The addictive behavior of one of the spouses, as well as domestic violence, are the most frequent factors. And if you answer the question «is it worth getting a divorce?», then in the following cases there should be an answer — «yes»:

– if one of the partners shows physical, sexual, economic violence against the other spouse, as well as against children;

– if one of the partners has a mental disorder and his behavior may pose a danger to other people;

– if one of the partners is an alcoholic or drug addict.

If the first three points are not about you, you should think about whether it is worth considering the option of divorce at all.

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels