The Stillwater County Solid Waste District was formed in 1975 to provide a system where residents could work together to provide solid waste disposal services. The District is managed by a Solid Waste Board whose members are appointed by the Stillwater County Commissioners. The Board meets on the second Thursday of the month with their concerns.

Each household within the county is charged $146 annually (except the City of Columbus residents) to use the district solid waste system. For this price, all household garbage considered non-hazardous is accepted for disposal. Small fees are imposed at staffed collection sites for large items such as tires or construction debris.

Once collected, solid waste is transported to the City of Billings landfill.

MCA 61-8-370 Securing of load – requirement – exemptions:
1) A person operating a loaded vehicle on a public highway shall load the vehicle or secure the load sufficiently to prevent littering or creating an obstruction dangerous to the public traveling on the highway.
2) The following vehicles are exempt from the provisions in subsection (1): (a) commercial motor vehicle that is operating in compliance with state and federal laws and requirements governing the securing of loads; (b) a vehicle transporting processed or unprocessed agricultural products or inputs, including but not limited to fertilizer, manure, and pesticides; (c) a vehicle performing road maintenance; and (d) a vehicle in a marked construction zone.
Cargo nets will be available at all solid waste sites for $15.00, ask your site attendant.

All sites closed due to a holiday will be open the following day

New Years Day :

January 1

Martin Luther King Day :

3rd Monday in January

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3rd Monday in February

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Last Monday in May

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July 4

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1st Monday in September

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2nd Monday in October

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1st Tuesday in November

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November 11th

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4th Thursday in November

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