Whether the company is small and produces only a few types of products or big one that can provide a great choice of products to place them for sale in retail stores or through platforms like Amazon, the enterprise needs to buy UPC codes.

There are many types of codes. Some of them for international markets and some for national. The difference between them is in the amount of numbers they consist of. For the USA and Canada, for example, to launch a product in a retail shop or an online shop with a complex delivery system is possible only when the item has a special 12 digit number that is called UPC. For other countries it’s necessary to have a 13 digit code that is called EAN.

Why are these codes so important…

To organise the sale process is quite difficult especially when hundreds of goods are offered. To register them, as well as to get the information about a manufacturer is much easier by using such codes. There is a requirement for the item producer or seller. Depending on the assortment of the offered products the amount of identical numbers should be equal.

So, when the person wants to sell something by using marketplaces, it is crucial to have one unique code per each position. To buy them is possible with the help of special services on the internet. Usually the more codes ordered the cheaper they are. It is worth to remember that the license for purchased numbers expires after a year, so prolongation is necessary.