Biotechnology as a science is the most important branch of modern biology, which, like physics, has become one of the leading priorities in the global science and economics. Among the main directions of modern biotechnology, a special place is occupied by the section related to the practical application of various products of biotechnological processes in economy, medicine and veterinary medicine, cosmetic and food industries, environmental protection, etc.

Protein is the building material of any living organism. The protein expression and purification are necessary for various purposes. Modern methods of these processes are amazing! Just go to the site

What is used for protein purification?

Bacteria, yeast, mold fungi, algae, cell cultures and tissues of plants and animals are used to purify protein. The peculiarities of metabolism and the biosynthetic capabilities of cells are used in these processes. The purification and expression processes are not possible without the use of special sophisticated equipment, the so-called separation decanters and centrifuges.

Importance of protein purification and expression in medicine

An insufficient amount of protein often complicates or makes it impossible to carry out structural and functional analysis of proteins. The expression of optimized genes prevents the occurrence of secondary mRNA structures that interfere with the process of transcription/translation (sites of internal ribosome planting, repeats in nucleotide sequences, etc.)

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Modern methods of molecular biology allow you to get answers to important scientific questions, one of which is the identification of genes involved in certain cellular processes. Such methods allow a rapid and highly effective assessment of the proteins expression, including modified ones, and for a detailed analysis of recombinant proteins.

Using modern methods, you can obtain the necessary amount of protein for further work, including studies on protein binding/interactions, antibody production, structural analysis, determination of the amount of protein, study of gene expression at the protein level, screening of synthetic enzymes and a comprehensive study of proteins identified during the analysis of gene expression.

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