Disputes about inheritance are considered to be almost the most difficult in legal practice and attempts to solve these problems on your own very often result in significant material and moral losses. Only an experienced specialist, such as Probate Lawyer Layton Utah, will correctly draw up and execute a pre-trial decision on the inheritance dispute or, taking part in the trial, will take all necessary measures to make a decision in the interests of the client.

Inheritance disputes may arise:

  • when the inherited property was appropriated by a citizen who is not included in the circle of legal heirs;
  • when several citizens claim the inheritance, one of whom has appropriated it without taking into account the interests of the others.

Both options relate to cases when the inheritance is claimed on legal grounds. In these situations, in order to restore inheritance rights, you should file a division claim in court.

It is not uncommon for cases when entering into an inheritance under an existing will, a dispute arises over the legality of the  testator`s will and citizens belonging to the circle of direct or indirect heirs dispute legality of the document or produce another will. This and the above examples demonstrate the complexity of probate cases.

A qualified experienced lawyer will help you understand the situation, suggest the right course of behavior, draw up a statement of claim, attract the right witnesses and take other measures within the legislative framework to resolve the dispute in favor of your client.