Management in its traditional meaning emerged in the United States at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries as a practical discipline and function necessary to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of companies in the market. But before you become a good manager, you need to take special courses. You can train online by watching supervisor training videos to save time and money.

Traditionally, employees rejoice in the appointment to a leadership position. Without a doubt, career advancement is a certain achievement and an indicator of a person’s success. There are some pros and cons of being a manager.

Gaining valuable experience

As a rule, after working in a managerial position for even one year, a person becomes a professional in his field.

Fast career growth

If a person is ambitious enough and at the same time endowed with leadership talent, it is possible to rise to the level of a top manager.

Useful connections and acquaintances

The higher the position, the more useful contacts the manager acquires. This applies to both professional and personal areas. Often, personal connections help to quickly solve the most complex production problems.


A lot of responsibility comes with a corresponding salary. Even lower-level managers, in comparison with their subordinates, are in a more favorable situation in material terms.

It is important to remember that for this profession you need to have high stress resistance, efficiency, focus on results, lability, ambition and the ability to delegate authority.