Sooner or later, every site owner asks the question “How to speed up indexing?” There are several ways, but one of the effective ways to speed up the indexing of the site by search engines is to use some service to ping search engines.

Ping services are special websites (web services) communicating to search engines and other interested resources about changes to your site (which also means “updates”). They help you quickly add your new articles to the search engine index and, accordingly, get new visitors.

How Do Ping Services Know About Changes to Your Site?

The word “Ping” is consonant with the sonar signal of a submarine. Submariners came up with this word. You send a signal, it communicates to search engines, and they send crawlers to your site to crawl your site for changes. This is how you inform search advertising about new content on your site. For example, every time you write a required article, you should add new page address to a a pingator. Just a few site owners do this manually. They mainly use services and programs.

You can find a lot of records online that offer a list of more than a hundred different ping services. Please, be informed, it makes no sense to use them all. For most sites, it will be enough to specify the ping services of the most popular search engines.