In the construction of any building, whether it is a residential building or industrial premises, insulation plays an important role. The mere presence of walls, roofs, and windows does not in itself provide a comfortable indoor climate. Obviously, it is necessary to minimize the impact of the environment (low or high temperature, humidity, noise, dust). Today, building materials developers also offer various types of vapor barrier. What is the dampremmende folie vapor barrier film for?

  1. Prevention of heat loss.
  2. Prevention of energy losses.
  3. Prevention of damage to building materials from steam and condensation.
  4. Reducing emissions into the environment.

The main property of all vapor barrier materials is their ability to resist steam penetration. But modern materials also have a high level of adaptability. Excess steam comes out when the humidity rises. Thus, excessive moisture and mold formation are prevented, the desired room temperature is maintained. And, accordingly, unnecessary costs for heating systems and air conditioners are reduced. In turn, this makes the house as a whole more environmentally friendly.

Modern vapor barrier films and membranes have the following characteristics:

  • they are safe and environmentally friendly;
  • they are functional and practical;
  • they are resistant to the destructive effects of climatic factors;
  • they are able to withstand the destructive effects of chemical influences;
  • they are practically invulnerable to the negative influence of biological factors;
  • their installation is simple.

If you want to avoid unnecessary waste, reduce unavoidable waste, and make your home comfortable and safe, don’t forget about modern vapor barrier materials.