Communication tools help people to organise actions on the distance from each other, make various activities much safer, and ask for help in certain situations.

While mobile phones and other devices of this type are designed to provide relatively stable connection with individuals over the world for professional purposes such equipment isn’t very suitable. Major part of these items actively consume power and are very sensitive to be used in severe conditions and in an intensive exploitation manner. For various spheres of human activities different equipment is required. Sometimes only intrínsecamente seguro can be useful or one with other special functions.

Special areas and risks of explosion

Oil plants, gas pipelines as well as any engineering construction where are very high risks of uncontrolled fire, should be protected by special guard in order to eliminate unpleasant situations. Specialists that support the work of such objects also must take all possible measures to prevent dangerous accidents occurred by inaccuracies of the personnel. Radios intrinsecamente seguros are the accessories that able to minimise the probability of generation of sparks. This is especially relevant feature for places where even the smallest source of the flame can be turned into the catastrophe.

When the company plans to purchase such electronics the main thing that should be taken into account is the certification. There are many types of existing classes of the hazardous areas and for certain conditions different models should be used. It won’t be very hard to find the specifications that correspond to the requirements as manufacturer’s laboratories where equipment is tested usually specify all characteristics in the attached to the item documentation.