Food trade is always in demand, because food is one of the first human needs. For this reason, there is tremendous competition in this area. Therefore, for a business at home, it is better to choose something with less strong competition, namely the sale of dried fruits. The best sales will be observed during periods of increased desire of people to consume healthy food.

Advantages and disadvantages

In autumn and winter, fresh fruits are incredibly expensive compared to summer. It is during this period that sales of dried fruits grow the most. Buyers choose dried fruits because they are cheaper, but at the same time they retain all the necessary vitamins.

One of the main advantages of this business is that it does not require large financial investments. It is enough for you to purchase a food dehydrator. Also, dried fruits are not perishable goods, which means it can be sold for a long period of time. If you start a business during a period of high demand, you can get your first profit very quickly.

But there are disadvantages. The seasonality of the product is one of them. Dried fruits are actively sold in the cold seasons, but during the summer and early autumn you should not count on high incomes. For this reason, this business should not be considered the main source of income.

Which dried fruits are profitable to sell?

If you purchase special equipment, the fruits are dried correctly, and all the useful vitamins are preserved in them. For this reason, the product is in demand among people who monitor their nutrition.

The list of dried fruits that are in demand among consumers:

  • apples;
  • dates;
  • dried apricots;
  • raisins;
  • prunes.