Industrial pipe fittings are used to control the movement and monitor the condition of the water flow.  The main difference between the industrial version and the domestic one is that it can function normally even in emergency situations, with strong pressure. You can buy high-quality pipeline fittings through Schuifafsluiter.

 Pipe fittings are found in various types of plumbing, including:

  • General industrial systems, which include standard piping that is normally used. They are constructed from standard fittings with average performance.
  • Oil industry systems. It should be noted that this type of fittings is large and perfectly adapted for the distillation of viscous substances.
  • Special piping systems that mainly transport toxic or chemical substances. Unsurprisingly, they are most commonly found in the chemical and medical industries.  The fittings, which are used in special pipeline networks, are able to withstand excessive loads and comply with all safety standards.
  • Non-serial production pipeline systems, among which military complexes and nuclear power occupy a special place. However, it is almost impossible to find out the production technology and the characteristics of the valves, due to the fact that all information is strictly classified.  It should be noted that only enterprises that have won a state tender receive the right to produce valves for non-serial production of pipelines.  But to be honest, few businesses can take on such a responsibility.
  • Pipeline systems for shipbuilding and automotive industries. But, it is worth remembering that their design uses a special type of reinforcement, the dimensions and characteristics of which directly depend on the design features of the vehicle.
  • Industrial plumbing systems that use a standard type of fittings, which differs from household ones only in increased strength and improved characteristics.

 This device has quality characteristics.  It is strong, reliable and durable.  Excellent anti-corrosion characteristics allow the use of pipeline fittings for many years.  This material is able to serve in extreme situations, perfectly tolerates mechanical stress, all kinds of temperature drops and fluctuations.